Christopher Herrera Senior Pics(non-registered)
Wow ladies!!!!! Where do I begin? You captured a memory for our family and for Christopher's senior year that is truly something we will treasure for all time!!
These capture my little baby boy turned young man. His 18th birthday pictures ; I promise you, are as special to me as his first baby photos.
Looking at them over and over brings tears of joy, pride, and unbelief to my heart in the same way as when we were first blessed by his coming into this world!!! My first praise is always and foremost to GOD. For your talents as photographers I praise God even more for this truly magical gift! Thank you beautiful friends
Enid Chase(non-registered)
Great vision! Enjoy your site very much.
Thank you so much, ladies! So many great shots to choose from!! We couldn't be happier. :)
These two gals are totally amazing. Their energy and creativity is going to shoot them to the top! How's that for a great (and true) pun?
I just viewed all the wedding photos you took and they were AMAZING!!!!! I loved them all you did a magnificent job!!!!!!!!!
PolyRam Music Group(non-registered)
Thanks for all the great pics.
Hey Girls! Congratulations, the website looks awesome! Wishing you the best of everything!
from a friend(non-registered)
one of these days when sara is a famous photographer and has become the official white house photographer (or something equally prestigious) I will say . . . yeah, i knew that lady, and I always knew she was going somewhere with those amazing natural photography skills : ) hugs
You did an amazing job!! Those children you shot are beautiful!!!
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